Serial Key Trend Micro Mobile Security

Serial Key Trend Micro Mobile Security


Serial Key Trend Micro Mobile Security

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import (


// NodesService handles communication with the node related methods of the
// Swarm API.
// The Node API is used for requesting information from the Node which may
// then be displayed in the Node List response.
// See:
type NodesService struct {
client *Client

// Node represents a node in the swarm.
type Node struct {
ID string `json:”Id,omitempty” yaml:”Id,omitempty”`
Attributes map[string]interface{} `json:”Attributes,omitempty” yaml:”Attributes,omitempty”`
Availability string `json:”Availability,omitempty” yaml:”Availability,omitempty”`
Meta map[string]interface{} `json:”Meta,omitempty” yaml:”Meta,omitempty”`
Spec NodeSpec `json:”Spec,omitempty” yaml:”Spec,omitempty”`

// NodeSpec represents attributes of a node.
type NodeSpec struct {
Resources []string `json:”Resources,omitempty” yaml:”Resources,omitempty”`
Engine NodeEngineSpec `json:”Engine,omitempty” yaml:”Engine,omitempty”`