PrimoCache 2.6.0 |WORK|

PrimoCache 2.6.0 |WORK|

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PrimoCache 2.6.0

That is a great point, I’m glad you brought that up. If you give us hard numbers on how much latency you get with the other software solutions that you use, you will help us a lot. Remember, latency also depends on I/O. If your system is in a fixed-disk environment and you have one or two SSD’s and one or two regular disks, then you are probably ok. But if you have five SSD’s and one regular disk, then the caching software needs to be smarter and be able to work at lower I/O levels. If you have three SSD’s and one regular disk, the caching software must be smart enough to work at lower I/O levels. I want to make the point again that this is the reason that we did not add this feature to UltimateDefrag. I just don’t see the point. We know that you have the needs for this feature and you have already discovered that PrimoCache can give you the same capability for data processing.

Here is a screenshot of PrimoCache with L2 caching. Note that when this SSD cache is accessed, it is clear to see that the speed has been increased. L2 caching normally applies to caches at a level below the drive – in this case, it is applied to SSD cache data being stored to the SSD.

While we got fantastic reports from everyone, PrimoCache 2.6.0 still currently has a few bugs. For instance, the key field in PrimoCache was not always highlighted red! This was a big bug for us as the key field is not working correctly if the wrong letter was selected or if the user pressed an accented letter. Fortunately, it is working now for all recent installs.