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In fixed website, you put your regular menu in the upper right side of your page.


In responsive website, you have a mobile menu with the same structure. And with a click on this menu, you can get the menu for desktop version.Q:

Add additional xrefs to Xcode 6 project

I’m new to Xcode and I want to add an additional project as a dependency to my current project and it should be shown in the scheme view within Xcode, as long as it’s not active. Currently if I add a new target to my project, this target is only listed in the active scheme if I build the target (deactivate it again or don’t build it). What is the correct way to do so?
For clarity, this is what I want to achieve:


In the New File window type „external dependency”. A dialog will be shown. Select the checkbox for „Copy bundle resources”.
In the Project navigator goto project settings tab. Click on „Build Settings”. Click on „Add build settings” and select „User-Defined”.
The dialog should show up again. Select „Options”. It will open some more settings. Select „Dynamic Frameworks” (first dropdown).
You can now use the Xcode templates to create your dynamic framework.
You can also install a dynamic framework from your desktop. It is done very similar to the other way around. This is done with the following Apple Script:
tell application „Xcode”
set currentTab to open workbench window of tab group 2 of window 1
set active scheme to scheme „DynamicFramework” of active tab


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