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When HyperMotion Technology is enabled in a player’s Career Mode, they will be more accurate in their scoring and defensive decision-making. Every part of their game will be clearer and more fluid, which will lead to better gameplay.

The following information was provided by the game’s producer, Max Faulkner.

Player’s Navigation

In our game, the player’s navigation will be more responsive and natural, compared to the previous FIFA titles. The player’s target areas will now follow their movements more closely. In addition, the player’s passing will now be much more realistic, as the acceleration is now more directed and responsive in every situation. For example, when a player is running after a long ball, the new “HyperMotion” system will place the ball where the player is aiming to.

Third-Person Views

The game will now give a third-person view from the player’s perspective on a more realistic angle. For example, the player will no longer always be seen from the nose of the player on the ball, but will now be seen from his or her direct front side, which will make the game much more immersive.

Ball Possession

The player will now more easily get the ball under control, thus allowing them to dribble at higher speeds and create more space for off-the-ball runs. For example, if a player makes a 50-meter run and gets the ball, the ball will then be closer to him or her, so that he or she will be able to control the ball easily.

Ball Chase

This is a big change in this year’s game. In our game, you will now chase the ball actively, more naturally than in previous years. This means that when the ball is taken away from you, your player will actually close the space and pounce on the ball, and then chase the opposition. This will lead to a much more intense game of football.

Ball Control

In past games, the player was much more influenced by the defender’s speed. With a fast closing speed, it is much easier to get the ball away from the player. In our game, we have taken into account the speed of the player, as well as the deflection of the ball, and we have reworked the overall ball control.

If a player is intercepting a ball at a fast speed


Features Key:

  • Scenario Manager (ranked and unranked) – Run the most realistic and challenging matches as your favorite teams. The Story Creator makes it easy to create your own matches and scenarios while Custom Scenarios let you create your own challenges for the players to put their skills to the test. Use the Simulator to test your own formation choices, while preparing for the next match – or against your rivals.
  • First Touch Control – Using the most accurate and responsive animation, players can perform new and intuitive moves more easily. Defenders now gain a multitude of second-time opportunities for goals and free kicks have been modified. The new E Vertical Maneuver lets the player freely perform feints and turns. FIFA trainers have been updated and you can use them to fix your own tactical mistakes before matchday.
  • FIFA A.I. – FIFA A.I. have been significantly improved. Designed to ensure that every player, not just the „intelligent” ones, behave more like you expect, the A.I. will deliver more authentic, consistent and intelligent opponent


  • Player Traits – You have complete control over every player via physical, mental and fitness attributes. Create the perfect line-up or master club roles to your personal taste. Customise boots, or simply set you standards to select player traits.
  • Intelligent Defending – The most sophisticated AI in the world will create a stronger player-ball connection that will be impervious to rebounds and throw-ins. Fine-tune player and team behaviour when a match becomes more intense, and pause to focus on individual player performance and psychology.
  • New, More Technical Passing – Not only can you choose who you pass to, but also when, and you can even choose to add a new dimension to your passing game. You can now dissect opposition through your players passes, and even decide to face your rival as he passes through your team. The all-new Spider Feed lets you play the ball directly to an area of a forward without relying on a perfect cross, and the Attacking Shuttles will keep your defence on their toes on the counter.
  • Precision from Everywhere – With more camera movements, better player controls and contextual awareness, you will be able to perceive greater levels of detail.
  • Skins – Create a look for you club that will change the course


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    FIFA is the world’s leading club soccer franchise, featuring authentic players, clubs, competitions and atmospheres that connect fans with the world’s game.

    Players create a personalised player from a host of real-world international and club players. They can then take them on as they score, tackle, pass, shoot and dribble – all on an epic worldwide stage. Every touch, every pass, every shot is captured in the game in all its stunning detail, and can be viewed in real time via a new Broadcast View.

    The first ever FIFA mobile game builds on the growing momentum and success of the FIFA franchise as well as delivering long-awaited features and enhancements for premium players.

    Pro Evolution Soccer

    Pro Evolution Soccer (Pro E. Soccer) is an association football simulation video game series, initially created by Konami and later taken over by SEGA, that focuses on developing an accurate simulation of the sport.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, the upcoming installment, is being developed by a new team at SEGA Sports and will be published on all major platforms.

    The full game will be available in 2018.

    Pro Evolution Soccer is the official video game of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup. The game features licensed players, live commentary from the likes of Ivan Klasnić, Alan Smith, John Motson and Mark Lawrenson, as well as an innovative new AI competitor, as well as exclusive stories about the clubs and players’ lives.

    Each FIFA and PES game is rated T by the ESRB for Teens and Teen.


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    Fifa 22 [Updated]

    Enjoy more ways than ever to build the Ultimate Team. Discover rivalries in new ways, like choosing your favorite player to be your rival on the pitch, or trying to make your rival’s players friends. Use new methods to gain cards like owning AI-controlled players, card packs, the Ability Draft, and in-game pack boosts. Plus earn free packs, and add-on packs with FIFA Ultimate Team coins using the new FIFA Ultimate Team shop.

    FIFA Ultimate Soccer –
    Compete against the best players in the world in the new FUT Champions competition. See how your stats stack up in the new FIFA Ultimate League. Earn an exclusive Battle-Pass featuring new rewards like new players, daily bonuses, and unique player gear.

    Be A Pro –
    Easily immerse yourself in the world of your favorite football clubs, complete Challenges, train your abilities and use your new Pro features in more than 100 new ways.

    Social Features
    Social Squad –
    Take on your friends on the pitch in an all-new Social Mode, where you can join forces with your friends to represent your club in the two new modes: Social Squad and Big Club Battle.

    SkyPad –
    Move around the pitch and experience the game from new perspectives, as you command the ball from a variety of different angles. The unique new camera system allows you to feel like you are flying among the action and experience true fan engagement.

    UEFA Champions League –
    Take part in FIFA’s season opener in the UEFA Champions League with a completely new interface and presentation. Rely on videos and stats to analyze the competition as you build your squad.

    AFC Champions League –
    Get ready to battle in the exciting new AFC Champions League. Like the UEFA Champions League, rely on videos and stats to understand the competition. After you’re through with all 22 teams, you can play the tournament in FIFA Ultimate Team as well.

    Tactics and Training –
    Tactics and Training lets you manage your club the way you want to play in real life, using six different tactics for each player, more than 100 new AI training modes, and new new training tools like the FUT Trainer.

    Ultimate Team Legends –
    Not only will you have access to all of the FUT Champions (the greatest players from each championship) in the game, but you’ll also be able to assemble your own team of Ultimate Team Legends using


    What’s new: