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The invention relates generally to a method and a device for programming an electric component by means of a programming device that has a programming end part and an electrical contact end part.
2. Description of the Related Art
To write data to an electric component, a corresponding programming end part is normally connected to the electric component. In the case of the electric component, this programming end part is usually electrically connected via contact pins to terminals of the electric component, the pins being inserted into contact openings of the programming end part. The programming end part has a printed circuit board. The electric component is clamped between the contact end part and the printed circuit board. The programming end part has programmable pins or contact elements, which are electrically connected to contact pads of the printed circuit board and to which the component pins of the electric component are electrically connected. The pins and contact elements of the programming end part or the contact end part are provided with a predetermined design.
Electronic components with the above described programming end part and contact end part are used, in particular, in vehicles, for the activation of the electronic component by means of a programming device. This programming device is designed to control the activation of the electronic component or to control a corresponding safety element. In the case of a vehicle, the electronic component or the safety element is an immobilizer.
It is known to clamp the contact end part or the programming end part, respectively, to the electric component by means of a threaded joint or by means of a soldered connection, the electric component being clamped between the contact end part and the corresponding circuit board of the programming end part. In addition, it is possible to screw a contact end part to a corresponding electric component by means of a corresponding threaded joint. In this case, the contact end part is pressed to the corresponding electric component.
A tolerance or a dimensional tolerance between the contact end part and the electric component is relatively high due to the defined contact conditions. This tolerance is disadvantageous particularly in the case of relatively small electric components, since the tolerance has a negative influence on the designability of the electric components.
To facilitate the designability, contact end parts and electric components can be manufactured by means of additive technologies, for example via laser cladding or via direct metal deposition. Laser cladding



But now, with the new version and content updates, I’d like to do it again, since it’s something that I like doing, but I’m having trouble figuring out where I can get the games, especially since the new version is downloadable.


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The Quonset Business Park

In 1950, the University of Rhode Island chose to establish a Navy research facility in an area which bordered Quonset Point Naval Air Station. This strategic location allowed for easy defense-force accessibility, as well as for the preservation of ample open space. In 1951, a need for additional research space arose, and a new Naval research campus was established at the Quonset Business Park.

The university’s presence in the area was not without controversy. Some local residents in Narragansett objected to having a research facility near their home, citing fears about the safety of children who would play on the campus’ playground. Less than a decade after the opening of Quonset’s Research Park, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command issued a report which recommended the expansion and redevelopment of the Naval facility, and construction began at Quonset Point’s eastern boundary. The increased capacity of the base would have a significant impact on the growth of the new campus, and in 1962 the school’s long-planned expansion was approved by the Rhode Island Board of Regents.

Over the past half-century, Quonset has continued to develop as a leading center for industry and scientific research. New facilities have been erected on the campus, and research, testing, and development related to Naval operations at Quonset have evolved as the Naval Air Station’s needs have changed. Facilities at