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Download and try these programs and see if they will solve the problems. Is your memory limiting your computer’s performance? Do you experience lag when working with a computer? Download these programs and let us know if any of them helped.
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If you still have problems please feel free to let us know.· Copyright 2004 SYNERGY Interactive.#define MAX_LAYERS_MAX 6

extern struct Hunk_t hS[MAX_LAYERS_MAX];

extern int iFile;

void Hunk_Init( void );

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On a daily basis, more time is spent in the accounting systems than in any other application. This has resulted in the implementation of a new costing model which demands a more flexible and efficient approach to accounting.

A flexible and efficient electronic accounting system

Software is a powerful tool that allows you to introduce processes for process workflows.

We undertake projects for ERP

The version of office we need is “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2011”. The key point is to select the product and the customized version in accordance with the business needs.

Hiring a professional for the outsourced development services

We retain in-house development in the core of the system, and using a highly skilled core team, we integrate it with the functions and features that are required by various customers and have developed a private solution.

IPO Home-seeding

We provide the research and development of the core of the system for the outsourced development services, and then provide the outsourcing projects, including the necessary outsourcing services.

You can get a guaranteed result in a short period of time with this team.

You will get work done by the best creative professional and the technical subject matter expert

We use a system that allows us to perform the desired work.

You’ll get a guaranteed result in a short period of time.

We’ll evaluate your requirements

We will evaluate your existing systems or create new ones. We can also help you to integrate software with your workflow. We’ll discuss these topics and develop technical options.

You can also work through template

We provide a template based on the solutions that we have developed in past projects, and if you want to, you can work with this template.

Project Plan

We provide an accurate plan. We will develop the core of the system according to the requirements of the project.

The system will be fully developed and tested before the implementation and the development of the front-end.

You can expect fully implemented solutions.

Simplification of your life

This system enables you to reduce the time spent doing manual calculations, including entering data into the system, making operation more efficient.

You will receive information that meets your needs immediately.

You will enjoy the benefits of this system as there will be fewer errors in the data