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How to access variables set in different functions in the same class in python

I’m a newbie to python. This is my first time posting a question here, so please excuse my code if it is not correct.
First of all, here is the code I’m writing:
class pawn:
def __init__(self,positionX,positionY):
self.positionX = positionX
self.positionY = positionY
self.velocityX = 0
self.velocityY = 0
self.velocityX_change = 0
self.velocityY_change = 0
self.movements = 0
self.last_state = None
self.applied_moves = []
self.moves_left = 1
self.im_in_move = False
self.restarting = False

def update(self):
self.velocityX += self.velocityX_change


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