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.aspx files

Use the following snippet to identify aspx files.
bool isAspxFile( String filePath ){

int st;

int fileSize;

ifstream pFile;

int32_t iFile;

ifstream pFile2;

pFile = fopen( filePath, „rb” );

if (!pFile ){
return false;
else {
st = ftell( pFile );
fileSize = st;

pFile2 = fopen( filePath, „rb” );

if (!pFile2 ){
return false;
else {
st = ftell( pFile2 );

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by •Aug 21, 2017. •By •Aug 21, 2017. Jul 12, 2017. •By •Jul 12, 2017. •By •Apr 20, 2017… The units were easy to setup and perform tests that will be run on them every time they are powered on.. usb redirector technician edition crack cocaineMUMBAI: Wonder how to know whether your home is earthquake-proof or not? Glance at the way property developers design their buildings. The underlying notion is that all projects with rammed-earth or tapered pile foundations will be earthquake-resistant. That has been the mantra in the industry for decades.Projects that use tapered pile foundations on a seismic zone are referred to as’safe houses’. But new data show these could be high-risk buildings.”The safer homes you build, the more you are costing yourself because you are paying for a home that might not withstand a future earthquake. The only way to make money here is to build a very unsafe home,” says Jayesh Shah, partner, actuaries at consultancy firm ICRA.Tapered piles are a form of geo-technical engineering which uses soil as a construction element. Using a tapered pile, the soil is first excavated and replaced by a plastic form, which is then vibrated to give it the shape of a cone. This stabilizes the soil and prevents it from shaking off the pile.The knowledge for tapered piles, as for other forms of geo-technical engineering, came out of a seismic-resistant design method developed during the Second World War, when mining and engineering companies needed rock for building demolition,” said Shah.We had this idea back then that you can make buildings survive a high-magnitude earthquake using tapered piles because of the way they are built,” he said, „All modern residential projects are built using this design of tapered pile. But we noticed that there is no data on the way the soil is excavated and replaced to make it stronger.”Data analysis on tapered piles by ICRA suggests that they perform poorly in