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Conference Agenda

The goal of both the Strategic Operating Plan and the Strategic Master Plan is to create a community that promotes and supports the Bay Area arts’ cultural institutions, while simultaneously providing them with financial support. Strategic Operating Plan provides an annual operating plan for CAA and Strategic Master Plan provides a financial plan that includes a financial forecast.

The Strategic Master Plan includes three proposals for financing the arts. One is through funding and grants for arts organizations (including matching funds for nonprofits like CAA). Another is for public/private partnerships to help finance the arts (e.g. a public art fund to provide matching funds for private donations to arts institutions). A third is for a property tax increase. This presentation will explain these strategies, and why they are important for CAA and its member organizations.

Conference attendees will hear from the leaders of CAA’s member organizations, including Bart Herbison, CAA President and San Francisco Art Institute trustee; Dion Wiley, CAA Board Chairman, The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; and Marc Levy, CAA Vice President of Resource Development and Chief Development Officer.

Keynote Speaker: Marc Levy

Marc Levy is Chief Development Officer at CAA, responsible for creating and managing CAA’s fundraising program. He is also CAA’s liaison to the arts community and the Bay Area’s leading arts advocate. Levy directs CAA’s development efforts by strengthening CAA’s relationship with the performing arts and visual arts communities. He has extensive experience in directing arts fundraising as well as successful arts engagement strategies.

When he’s not at CAA, Levy is a theater producer, serving as a founder of the Texas Children’s Theater, where he also served as artistic director, VP of production and producer. He also worked for the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge and The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He has produced over 120 theater productions. Levy founded the nonprofit Video Artists of America with Don McLean in 2001. In 2006, he and McLean co-founded The Art of The Possible, a nonprofit organization that created the inaugural Villa Roma with Gloria Estefan. Levy has been honored as one of the 100 Most Powerful Arts Executives by