Manuale Officina Ducati Monster 696 Ita _TOP_ 💪🏿

Manuale Officina Ducati Monster 696 Ita _TOP_ 💪🏿



Manuale Officina Ducati Monster 696 Ita

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You can find full detail service manual download from this link.
sue service manual for ducati monster 696
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Try using the following.bat which can extract a file (in your case the manual) to a predefined location.
@echo off
if „!MANUFACTURER!” == „!MANUFACTURER:Ducati Monster S4R:!” set MANUFACTURER=Ducati Monster S4R
for /f „tokens=1-5 delims=/ ” %%# in („!MANUFACTURER! /v:40 /s:!MANUFACTURER! /n:!MANUFACTURER! /d:!MANUFACTURER! /i:!MANUFACTURER! /p:!MANUFACTURER!”) do (
set KAP=%%#
set NOM=%%3
set NOU=%%4
set NUF=%%5
if!NOM! == „” set NBSP=%SPACE%
if!NUF! == „” (
set NUF=%NUF:~0,1%
set NBSP=%NBSP: =%
md /O
:: %~dp0\!ROOTF! %~nx0
:: mkdir /ad /p %~dp0\!ROOTF!
:: move /y %~dp0\!ROOTF!\!ROOTF! %~dp0\!ROOTF!
:: move /y!ROOTF!*!ROOTF!
:: ren!ROOTF! „!ROOTF!”

The batch file will take parameters from your command line:

The parameter is like a directory of where you want the extracted file to go. The rest are parameters which are set as variables so we can use the full path to a file.

Here is the batch file in action:
> test.bat duc