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Path Of Wuxia Crack Keygen™ is a turn-based strategy game set in the imaginary world of wuxia. Not only allowing players to observe and control the wuxia-related feats of Xia that are possible, Path of Wuxia also allows users to make active decisions on their battles and to develop their own character.
* Lead The Way of Xia
* Enjoy the story mode and a lengthy single-player or multilayered multiplayer game
* Orchestrate When & Where to Fight
* Solve various puzzles and become a hero of wuxia with different battle tactics.
* Explore a vast world to find a worthy Xian and defeat enemy Xia.
* Strive to reach the Ultimate Level of a Xia and learn various skills along the way.
* Seek your own way of being a wuxia Xia.
* Make friends with various schoolmates and build your school life.
* Freely develop your Xia, with the power of your personal style, your honor, your devotion, and your personal ideal.
* Take part in various battles against the enemy Xia.
* Recover the artifact fragments hidden in this world.
* Complete various quests and complete the quest to seal the Past.
* Train up each of the five types of character skills.
* Play with two different types of equipment and acquire skills that assist with combat.
* Recruit the various schoolmates and battle against the enemy Xia.
* Defeat enemies to progress through this richly-detailed 3D world.
* Mix and match different types of equipment to strengthen your character’s skills and unlock characters’ skills.
* Discover the latest and the unrevealed secret technique, and apply it to battle.
* Enjoy a never before seen, elaborate battle system.
* Think about each move and change your tactics.
* Manage inventory for better battles.

Follow the path of Wuxia

Follow the path of Wuxia. Meet various characters, build relationships, and experience a beautiful school life with them.

Build Xian Martial Arts School.

Unique School System. Realistic school life.

Uncover the past of Wuxia

Unlock many past secrets, solve puzzles, and progress towards the Ultimate Level of Xia.

Break the seals

Thwart ancient evil forces and complete quests to prevent an endless dark wuxia world.

Become Xian

Build over 100 unique skills to become a


Path Of Wuxia Features Key:

  • Use mysterious Wuxia style to explore the world of White Orchard
  • Four levels and difficulty can be set freely
  • Different fight scenes designed in the game, and each map is full of surprises
  • New weapons and items will be added continuously. Players can choose their own way to fight the bad guys
  • Catch bonus and upgrade system of Fantasy Costuming
  • Key Specifications

    • Platforms: Android
    • Distribution: Google Play
    • Price: Free
    • Updated on:2018-07-15

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    Path Of Wuxia Download (Updated 2022)

    The Path Of Wuxia Crack Mac is a classic simulation game following the Path Of Wuxia Cracked 2022 Latest Version fiction. You’ll be introduced to the different factions of wuxia school and their culture through its unique battle system. Here is the game path of wuxia:
    • The Story
    You are a young Xia who has come from distant land to be enrolled in the Hermitic Pavilions of Xia, and become a true Xia of Wuxia world.
    While fighting against various enemies along your path of Xia, you will earn enough money to find a good job, build a house, and marry with a schoolmate who suits you. You will earn enough popularity to gain trust of Xia Masters and friends of the perfect bodyguard or the perfect assassin. To master the four arts of Xia cultivation and become a true Xia of Wuxia world, remember to think clear-headed, perform your deeds, hold on to your path of Xia, endure the storm along the way.
    • The Game System
    In the game, you will be able to enter the Hermitic Pavilions of Xia and enroll in any sect. By accepting teaching from a sect master, you will acquire various skills that you can use in battle, and become friends with the master. No matter where the master comes from, you will find a quiet place where you can relax and do your own cultivation of Wuxia arts.
    Aside from the different battles of wuxia school life, you can also spend some time on other subjects, such as hunting, wuxia world knowledge, body cultivation, and cooperation with other Xia. Through your choices in these subjects, you can strengthen your own skills or get better at the art of Wuxia.
    • The Visual Design
    The Path of Wuxia is designed to bring a new style of Wuxia game. Besides the iconic wuxia style with its typical shiny blade and grand structure, we also added a new style of game that lets you feel the pleasure of Wuxia school life in a vivid 3D world.
    In addition, the Path of Wuxia is also available on Facebook and Google Play.
    Game Features:
    • Turn-based Battle
    The long-awaited fan favourite of wuxia school life returns once again in the classic hexagon-turn-based battle system.
    • Battle System with Return of Internal Styles and Weapon and Armor Sets
    Developed in collaboration with the legendary developer, we’ve modified the battle system to include the original


    Path Of Wuxia Crack + Keygen Full Version Free PC/Windows 2022

    The classic hexagon turn-based battle returns once again since its debut in Tale of Wuxia. Aside from the combination of six types of weapon moves, internal styles, character traits and tactical maneuver of back stabbing or side assault; the five elements that each character possess are introduced. Understanding the relation of five elements in order to strike foes weakness and hide yours will be vital to achieve victory in battle. Use your special ability to turn the tide and overcome challenge with trusty schoolmates!

    – Completing 3 quests of being a Xia and making alliesThe story of this game starts with Xia’s arrival to the academy and acceptance of new friends. Their journeys of Xia will lead them to various dungeons. This time, with your friends by your side, defeat various foes and complete 4 quests of being a Xia.Each quest of being a Xia has its own difficulty and story, the outcome of the game greatly depends on your approach, decisions, and trust with your allies. Bring your friends to help or lie to them, and spend your precious time to please them will surely determine the fate of you and your friends. Completing this set of quests of being a Xia will reward you with new element types, skills and more!

    – Expanded skillsThe number of skills that can be equipped from the start is expanded by adding both new skills and strengthen skills. In addition, those skills can be adjusted with different amount of damage or defense increased or lowered.

    – Additions of new element types and skill traitsNew element types and skill traits are added to this version of Path of Wuxia. Through the cooperation of new element types, skills can be strengthened by different combinations of element types.This version of Path of Wuxia also introduces guild system and new feature of “Schoolmate” that bring new elements and skills.Both signs are displayed for the benefit of new members as well as the elders and not just for the purposes of questioning behavior. It is perfectly acceptable for those outside to question their right to be part of the community. It is a question of respect and civility.

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    What’s new:

      , Volume 30 – Don’t You Know This Is Evil All About!!!!☼

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    How To Active Game Path Of Wuxia:

    • Double click on the.exe game file,
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    Run Game Path Of Wuxia

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    Common Fake Security Ware Path Of Wuxia Scam:

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    FAQ Path Of Wuxia:

    • Game Supported OS : Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10,
    • Game Usage : Full Game, Demo, Patching.
    • Source port : 58000-59000.

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or better
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce 8600 or better, Radeon HD 3200 or better
    Hard Drive: 16 GB available space
    DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
    Network: Broadband internet connection
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with multichannel support
    Additional Notes: This game can be run in demo or full-version