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-[A complication of angiographic studies–aneurysm of the left iliac artery].
A case of pseudoaneurysm of the left iliac artery, which appeared after selective arteriography of the left superficial femoral artery, is presented. The aneurysm, without bleeding, was detected with ultrasound examination. By CT scan, pseudoaneurysm was the only finding. With conservative treatment (antibiotic therapy, proximal and distal embolization) the aneurysm disappeared and arterial pressure remained normal.On the evening of June 18, 2008, members of the University of Florida student population were stunned to see a car cruising the streets of Gainesville, Florida that they thought was Santa Claus’s sleigh. The car was actually being driven by two men, one of them wearing a Santa Claus hat and the other with a beard, and both had been hired to do the job.

They were in fact law enforcement officers, attempting to gather details from students about an alleged arson at a local business.

Two weeks later, though, the Gainesville Police Department charged three men — identified as Damonte Jones, Dustin Lawrence and DeAndre Presley, all members of a black street gang known as the Gangster Disciples — with the arson. All were students at Gainesville High School and at the time of the fire were members of the student organization the National Junior Leaders of America.

Among their alleged crimes:

— In August 2008, a month after the fire, the three students set a bonfire in a field and extinguished it on the spot. In an interview with the Gainesville Police Department, DeAndre Presley said that the group of five or six students could be seen observing the fire and laughing at their handiwork.

— In September of that same year, another suspected arson took place. At the time of the fire, Lawrence told police that the group of students had formed a plan to burn a shack on his family’s property. He said that he and Damonte Jones had decided to carry out the task, and that he had been smoking marijuana that night.

The allegations were initially brought against Lawrence, Presley and Jones in November of 2008 and were set for trial on Jan. 20, 2009.

According to a report filed with the Gainesville Police Department by the University of Florida College of Law, the three defendants were soon made aware of their legal jeopardy by a


Features Key:

  • The chance to survive in the city where any adventure you can think of happens.
  • An extra life flag, but this time you can save it. Each level also has „special worlds” that give you an extra life.
  • Survival Quiz CITY: The Legendary Soundtrack to Lammy’s Adventures Screenshots:


    Survival Quiz CITY: The Legendary Soundtrack to Lammy’s Adventures

    Played from February-March 2013. So it’s been a little over three months. Considering I started in August, that’s a pretty good record. I do acknowledge how much work it took to make, and how much of a project it turned out to be.

    The first completed level in the game. Right at 16,000 words, postgame included.

    Ah… it’s just too much work. I just don’t have the time these days. No doubt this project really took up too much of my life. I just started playing games in November at the same time I started this project, and things kind of just snowballed from there. Now, I’m playing games at every spare moment I have. But I still have to balance school with games, and with my job. It’s just too much!

    So I have grown a whole lot during all this time. But it’s also taken a toll on my sanity a bit. If I keep going at this pace, it’ll eventually drive me insane.

    Anyway, the point of this post is that I haven’t stopped working on the game. In fact, I’m already working on the next one. Initially I was going to just solo write, and then I had the idea of turning this into some sort of interactive story. That was still not panning out, until I got the idea to do survival in the game. On my second playthrough I ended up buying The Legend of Zelda:


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    • Am I Am is a first-person shooting game, using a 360-degree camera.
    • The horror and survival-themed game, includes 8 levels in a single game and a story.
    • Bonus levels to play.
    • 6 difficulty levels.
    • „The Rail” – 1st person and dual-stick controller mode.
    • Press and hold the control button to survive for a long time and get the high score. return context.Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, (wsPulb) =>
    wsPulb.Attributes.Add(„Title”, „my-title”);
    wsPulb.Attributes.Add(„firstname”, „my-firstname”);
    wsPulb.Children.Add(new { Id = 12, Name = „child-12”, Type = 3, ExternalId = „ID-12” });
    wsPulb.Children.Add(new { Id = 13, Name = „child-13”, Type = 4, ExternalId = „ID-13” });
    wsPulb.Children.Add(new { Id = 14, Name = „child-14”, Type = 5, ExternalId = „ID-14” });

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    Friday, August 19, 2015

    A Good Man Here

    A Good Man Here is a simple card that’s meant to look pretty simple but works beautifully. I started with this sketch that I found in the August/September 2015 issue of Belinda’s Best Sketches. Once I got started on it, I had so much fun creating a fun scene with a favorite stamp set, the colors and details fit perfectly. I stamped the journaling onto the card


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    -Primary camera is possible in all lagging and Non-Lagging modes: you can now freely move your body in 3rd person and play in a full 3rd person experience, while using the primary camera for a top down view with the ability to freely select and walk around the environment.
    -The Player has the ability to walk in and out of lagging (1st and 3rd person) seamlessly.
    -Now you can edit your camera following a green highlight on the game world.
    -3rd Person:
    -You can walk up to walls or bumpers in the 3rd person by clicking on them with the mouse.
    -You can climb all over the world.
    -You can also jump on objects.
    -You can move the primary camera with LMB+RMB while the mouse is in 3rd person.
    -LMB+RMB will show a crosshair.
    -MOUSE BACK BUTTON will move the primary camera back.
    -RMB BUTTON (MOVE CURSOR) will move the primary camera forward.
    -Left Click will focus on an object.
    -Hold Left Click and move your cursor with LMB, and you can control your camera with this as well.
    -Normal Click to turn on and off the Dashboard.
    -The Player can turn off the Dashboard by pressing LMB.
    You can always take a snap shot by pressing Spacebar
    -Simulate All Keys: (Ctrl + MOUSE BUTTON)
    -Simulate Alt: (Ctrl + Alt)
    -Simulate Shift: (Ctrl + Shift)
    -Simulate M: (MOUSE BUTTON)
    -Simulate Trigger: (Trigger Button)
    -Simulate Mouse Left Click: (LMB Button)
    -Simulate MOUSE Right Click: (RMB Button)
    -Simulate Touch: (Touch Screen)
    -Click on the chat where you want to put something.
    -Still images you take are saved to your Artwork/Wallets folder.
    -Mouse rotation can be locked using the LMB button by clicking on the world; this also locks rotation.
    -The Player can „flush” the entire game world by moving to the backpack and holding Left Click.
    -The Player can use the flush to navigate back to the main menu easily.
    -The whole game world will be locked if the Player presses


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