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How to get the value of „questions” in rails

Here i have an application in which answer to a multiple choice question is stored in an variable called @answers
But here I want to display the value of the questions which is a number. How do i do it?



(See the documentation for ActiveRecord::Relation in the API)


How do I find the other characters not displayed in this EXCEL spread sheet?

I have an Excel file in the shape of a matrix that I need to find all the non-unique characters in but I only know how to find the unique ones.

You can see the characters where there is a vertical line. In the longest row (in red), there are 8 rows of other characters besides the unique ones. How do I find them?


Well you could use:


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Gabrielle Davies

Posted August 21, 2018 at 05:06 AM

Thanks for that info. The pre-order of The Binary Woman was not what I had initially expected. I had imagined something a bit more light and fluffy, but I suppose I will still enjoy it.

I’ve recently been following your site and have been impressed. I wanted to let you know that I have added your site to my bookmarks.Sikorsky Co. unit wins Northwest UAV award

By Alan Lee Foster

Posted Dec. 9, 2012

Sikorsky Aircraft has won a contract to supply the U.S. Navy with a number of smaller unmanned aircraft systems, including the Northrop Grumman X-47B.

The Navy is in the early stages of developing its next-generation Carrier-based Unmanned Aircraft System (CB-UAS).

The Navy’s Unmanned Carrier-launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike program office is in charge of the program, and it has issued a request for information to industry, the Navy said.

The five year, $43 million contract award to Sikorsky, which has offices in Huntington Beach, Calif., was the biggest UAV award recently given by the Navy, a Sikorsky press release said.

The award comes as the U.S. Navy continues to diversify its aerial platform portfolio.

Sikorsky already makes the smaller UAS version of the Navy’s X-47B, and the company is a key supplier of the U.S. Air Force’s X-47A Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS-D).

Sikorsky’s larger, larger and now most powerful UAS model, the U.S. Navy’s Global Hawk, has proven to be a favorite among the Navy, U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force, a fact that led to the X-47B UAS being selected by Sikorsky for the Navy’s CB-UAS.

Now that the Navy’s request for information is publicly available, Sikorsky will be allowed to bid on the contract, as well as the UAVs, landing systems, flight software, data links and mission tools the Navy envisions purchasing.

Of course, Sikorsky is also bidding on

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