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WinSMTPTest is a handy and reliable application designed to provide simple means to verify the good functioning of SMTP servers.
Here’s how it works: enter the server address, together with the port and username / password and press the ‚Open’ button. The response is displayed almost immediately and written to a log file.







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WinSMTPTest is a free utility designed to test if the SMTP server is working properly. It can also be used to check whether it is properly configured.
The program will help you find the problems with the server’s configuration. These problems may cause various problems with communication with the server, slow or interrupted responses, incorrect received or sent messages, or even your SMTP account will be blocked from sending or receiving mails.
WinSMTPTest Features:
* Test all the main functions of the SMTP server
* Test the connection to the mail server
* Send all the commands, „A” and „R”
* List received messages on the screen
* Consummeling tasks as simple as possible
* Error handling in case of problems
* Statistical and detailed information
* Log files for easy review and analysis
* Advanced search tool
* Optional timer to interrupt tests after a specified period of time
* Optional write to and read from a text file
* Several languages
* Optional password protection
* Optional HTTP request
* Log messages on the screen
* Option to automatically open the SMTP server window
* Option to automatically interrupt the server when the test is finished
* Very small download size
How to install WinSMTPTest in your computer:
– Unzip the download file to a convenient place, for example to the desktop
– Open the folder that you unzipped the download to
– Double click on the executable to launch it
– Click on the ‚Test’ button to start the test
– Click on ‚Exit’ when you are done testing
Tip: You can uninstall WinSMTPTest using the Add/Remove Program feature of the Control Panel
– Open the ‚Add or remove programs’ window, locate WinSMTPTest in the list
– Right-click on WinSMTPTest and click ‚Remove’
Installer’s contents:
– WinSMTPTest.exe
– VisualC++ Runtime Libraries (vcredist.exe) (Windows Vista or later)
– Quick WinSMTPTest setup/setup.exe (Windows XP)
– Readme_WinSMTPTest.txt
1. Verifying the server connection is not the same as verifying the server’s ability to send and receive messages, which is done when using the specific tool included in the product
2. WinSMTPTest uses only the SMTP protocol. Therefore, it should be installed on the same computer as the mail

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Fully functional and ready to use. Able to detect problems on the server easily. Communicates with almost any mail server.
WinSMTPTest changes the behavior of SMTP operations. When WinSMTPTest communicates with SMTP servers, it acts in a completely different way from usual. Based on a series of carefully selected normal SMTP commands, WinSMTPTest monitors possible anomalies or problems. If a problem is detected, a message will appear on the screen. The displayed message will also be saved into a text file. Additional messages will appear in the log file after every abnormal situation is detected.
WinSMTPTest is completely small and light in the system resources. It can be run on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
WinSMTPTest is easy to install and to use. It does not require any other software or shareware. It can work with any email account and also with SMTP accounts. It does not require administrator rights.
WinSMTPTest can be run as a standard user. It will require only a tiny portion of the system RAM. And it will not keep running after the last.exe file is closed.
WinSMTPTest comes with automatic built-in help. If WinSMTPTest displays any screen messages, some basic information will be displayed on the screen. The more severe problems will be displayed in the log file.
WinSMTPTest communicates with mail servers via the SMTP standard. It does not accept any methods, other than SMTP. In the future, it will support SSL.
WinSMTPTest includes a built-in anti-virus program. It scans email files for viruses. If WinSMTPTest detects any virus, the current operation will be stopped immediately and the messages will be saved to a temporary folder.
WinSMTPTest saves the messages in a log file every 30 minutes. If any new message is found, it will be added to the log file. The log file can be saved to disk. The log file will then be compressed (or not depending on the level) using the ZIP program. The compressed log file will be placed into the main folder from where you launched WinSMTPTest. The log file in the compressed format can be read in WinSMTPTest.
WinSMTPTest works as a stand alone application. It does not require other applications to work properly. There is no GUI interface or menu on the application itself. It works very well

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This simple application allows you to test the good functioning of your SMTP server. Enter the server address, together with the port and username and click the ‚Open’ button.
In case of errors the message is displayed almost immediately and written to a log file.
WinSMTPTest can be used directly as a batch program. There is an example of usage in the project description.
This demo also serves as an example of the capability of WinSMTPTest and is not intended to be used in production.
WinSMTPTest main features:
– Self-browsing demo
– Complete example of program usage
– Main logs are written to a log file. The log file can be either opened with Notepad or split into several sections and
opened with a text editor.
– The application can operate as a „typical” SMTP server.
– One-line mail command executed.
– Complete SMTP request and response messages are displayed.
– Request message is automatically rewritten (optional).
– The server can react to the command (optional).
– The server can react to the „Mail to host” command (optional).
– The server can be stopped automatically after sending the mail (optional).
– The server can be automatically restarted after sendmail (optional).
– The request message can be automatically rewrote and redirected (optional).
– Log file content can be checked to check the mail delivery.
WinSMTPTest installation:
WinSMTPTest works on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and later.
WinSMTPTest on Win98 and WinME:
i. Download the package of WinSMTPTest (url to download).
ii. Extract the package (by WinZip)
iii. Run „WinSMTPTest.exe”.
WinSMTPTest on Win2k:
i. Download the package of WinSMTPTest (url to download).
ii. Extract the package (by WinZip)
iii. Run the „WinSMTPTest.exe”
WinSMTPTest on Win2k/XP:
WinSMTPTest on WinXP/Vista (or later):
i. Download the package of WinSMTPTest (url to download).
ii. Extract the package (by WinZip)
iii. Run the „WinSM

What’s New in the WinSMTPTest?

Check for bad or missing characters in e-mail headers, e-mail body, e-mail attachments, MIME types, and HTML.

You get an overview of the response and you are able to continue parsing the response until you’ve reach the end.

SMTP servers can be checked for:

missing EHLO

incorrect header type or version

incorrect reply to EHLO or HELO, e.g. incorrect server IP

duplicates in HELO or EHLO

incorrect header or line spacing

incorrect hostname, e.g. not matching domain, not matching e-mail address

incorrect envelope sender, from, or return-path

incorrect sender or return-path

incorrect user name or SMTP authorization

incorrect passwords or login names

wrong date format

incorrect opening or closing brackets

incorrect or missing carriage returns

incorrect date format

incorrect ESMTP ‚helo’ or ‚ehlo’

incorrect ESMTP flags and encoding

incorrect or unaccepted encryption methods (TLS/SSL,…)

incorrect default port

incorrect or missing Mail From, Return-Path, Sender, or Reply-To header

MIME types

incorrect values for the mime-type header

incorrect matching of the MIME type header

incorrect MIME type header

incorrect or missing Content Type header

HTML invalidity (missing or bad html header or body)

incorrect MIME type content, headers or body

incorrect or missing boundary string

incorrect or missing boundary tag

incorrect start or end tags, or too many attributes

HTML invalidity (visible tags)

incorrect start or end tags, or too many attributes

incorrect or missing DOCTYPE or HTML4

incorrect or missing TITLE attribute

incorrect or missing LAYOUT or DIRLAYOUT attribute

missing TITLE, LAYOUT, or DIRLAYOUT attribute

incorrect or missing TITLE, LAYOUT, or DIRLAYOUT attribute

incorrect or missing STANDARD, CUSTOM, or BLANK attributes

incorrect or missing TITLE, LAYOUT, or DIRLAYOUT attribute

System Requirements For WinSMTPTest:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
DirectX 9.0c
Processor: 3.2GHz Dual Core AMD or Intel
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive: 100GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or AMD Radeon HD 5770
DirectX: Version 11 or higher
Additional Notes:
Please be advised that this version is a beta and may be subject to the known bugs.Q: