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The in-game engine also features a TruePitch, which has been rebuilt for FIFA 22 and is scaled to more accurately replicate real-life pitch dimensions. This means you’ll experience every shot from every angle just as you would at a real match.

An entirely new set of five ball physics options – from the heavy-metal of Super-Hard, to the super-soft of Ultra-Soft – also allow players to create their own ideal pitch atmosphere, based on surface type, weather and grass type.

FIFA also introduces “The 2019 update,” which is now delivered as a free update to the game. This includes:

FIFA Ultimate Team, where the mystery of the Transfer Market will be explored further with a new Story Mode

, where the mystery of the Transfer Market will be explored further with a new Story Mode the new AI Assistant (A.I.A.)

the new AI Assistant (A.I.A.) The ability to collect and share Player ID Cards (P.I.C.’s)

Improved Matchday AI with the ability to configure the conditions for each fixture by selecting the weather, pitch surface type, and more

New ways to play Ultimate Team Leagues and Leagues of Champions

New user interface elements to improve match view and live statistics presentation

Here’s the run-down of all the new changes included in the “FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Update.”

The New A.I.A.

Player and team behaviour is set to “intelligence level 2,” which players can fine-tune during a match. Two key features of the A.I.A. – Player Grouping and Preparation – deliver greater accuracy and breadth in team tactics during pre-match, halftime and post-match preparation.

At the start of a match, teams can customise the A.I.A., by choosing their desired “intelligence level.” This allows players to choose from a range of pre-match routines, from basic 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 pre-match to Advanced 4v4 Tactic and Defensive, to Mastermind Tactics

The A.I.A. includes a new series of attributes such as: Tactics – issues


Features Key:

  • New in FIFA 22: Master genuine football moves. Take control of your favourite star in new ways with new skills, moves and techniques.
  • FIFA’s most atmospheric presentation. Play among the stars in the most beautiful stadiums in the game and celebrate every goal, tackle, and header with the biggest soundtrack ever in FIFA.
  • Revolutionary ball physics. FIFA 22 brings the pitch alive. The ball is positioned dynamically for every touch. Kick with your will and natural foot movement. Feel every soccer sensation.
  • Connect with the world as an orgy of crazy sports. It’s FIFA and what you do matters. Enjoy an even richer, deeper and more authentic football experience in the most popular sports in the world.
  • The ultimate football experience on console. An explosion of atmosphere from the pitch, the lounge, and the stadium. Play frenetically, concentrate, think, and make defining tactical decisions that can change the course of history.
  • The story of the beautiful game. Explore a game that captivates the passions of an entire planet. In FIFA 22, understand your country, its history, and its most loved and renowned team.
  • Introduce new teams, new languages, and new features – including body shape, hairstyle and gender.


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 Play with over 350 officially licensed players from over 150 teams and 24 leagues to create a team that matches your style of play and achieve real success on the pitch. Join up to three friends via local wireless and challenge them to head to head matches in the Fastest Car or one of 14 Ultimate Team Stadiums. Build and Customise your Ultimate Team up to 3,000 CUSTOMISATIONS, or play against them in Online Seasons, leagues, tournaments or Quickfire competitions – all within FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Mobile – The best of all worlds: this new way to play FIFA Mobile brings the best of FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile into one seamless experience. In FIFA Mobile, experience unparalleled freedom to play as you please, customize your appearance, and create dream teams just like in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Football Manager Mobile – the award-winning Football Manager franchise goes mobile in 2017. Experience all of the excitement of an iconic club, a new generation of tools and technology, and new ways to play. So whether you’re a football veteran or a casual player, Football Manager Mobile gives you new ways to share your passion for the beautiful game, and takes you on new adventures in the world of football.



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I have a listview with 6 items and I would like to save the id/position of the selected items when they are pressed to a string array. I have tried a couple of different things, but I don’t know how to reference a listview object from the code.
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listview = (ListView) findViewById(;


If you have an Adapter for the ListView, you can implement this method in the Adapter class:
public void onItemClick(AdapterView parent, View v, int position, long id) {
Log.d(„tag:”, parent.toString() + „, v: „, v.toString());

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 The popular modes of FIFA Ultimate Team return. Collect and upgrade your cards and take part in the biggest battles in FIFA, using your earning power to compete with gamers all over the world.

Online Competitions – Squash your way to glory on up to six players using FIFA LIVE. Everyone gets a start, so you have to keep your eye on the ball and compete.

Play Now – Enjoy quick play modes that let you get straight into the action. From the new Kick-off mode to the classics like Three vs. Three, Local Rivals and Online Competitions.

World Class Coaching – Get up close and personal with your team’s managers, setting instructions and feedback in real-time. With new features including the All-Round Coach, take your coaching to the next level.

Major New Features:-Brand new FIFA iOS design-The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA is now the only FIFA title available on both mobile and console platforms.-FIFA on Nintendo Switch is the only FIFA title available on both mobile and console platforms-The World Cup Qualifier and the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup are now in full swing.-Teams from North, Central, East, and South America are now playable in FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch-New modes: Kick-off, Local Rivals, Rivalries, and more. -New card animations that reflect the speed of the player’s animation when he or she runs with the ball-Touchline celebrations have been given a makeover to match the player’s animation.

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