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The entire world is split into multiple time zones, so a particular hour of day is represented in a similar manner in different parts of the globe. However, it’s pretty difficult to tell the time of a particular city by yourself. This is where Time Zone Master comes in handy, letting you keep multiple configurable clocks on the desktop.
Neat selection of time zones
Once the application is installed and launched, the initial configuration panel shows up. Here, you get to experiment with a 3D interactive representation of the globe, and specify the first area of interest. Dedicated drop-down menus let you easily make this selection, but you can also manually add coordinates.
Applying the initial configuration set brings up a small clock on your desktop. It also shows time of day through an intuitive dial, as well as the name of the selected location. You’re free to move it around the desktop to a suitable spot, pick one of three different size specifications, and adjust transparency level to better blend with the rest of desktop elements.
Multiple clocks on your desktop
By default, the desktop clock stays on top of every other application, which comes in handy if your work is closely tied to different time zones. There’s also a tray icon to which clocks can be minimized.
For more flexibility, you can go ahead and add more clocks. The process is don in the same manner as for the first clock. Others appear next to the previous, and are always grouped when moving over the desktop. Time differences are shown directly on the clocks, based on the first one you create.
A few last words
On an ending note, Time Zone Master manages to deliver the expected set of features in a proper fashion. Setting up multiple clocks requires little effort, with an interactive globe, and intuitive management of time zone options. It comes in a lightweight package, it’s easy to configure, and deserves a try overall.







Time Zone Master Free Download [Latest 2022]

Get a neat desktop clock with multiple configurable clocks on your desktop.
Time zones are represented by animated 3D globe.
Keep different configurations and position desktop clocks.
Various size of desktop clocks.
Different transparent degrees.
Works with different languages.
See More Information, please read the license. FILED




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Just in time with the global renaissance, Time Zone Master is here to help you select a time zone in a flash. Whether you’re a backpacker setting off for an adventure, a business traveler changing time zones, or just someone keeping a personal time-zone diary, Time Zone Master will help you determine an appropriate time zone quickly and easily.
All you need to know about the world’s time zones, and much more.

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Time Zone Master [Latest]

Time Zone Master is the most convenient way to time adjust your desktop clock. Use the drop-down menu to create clocks, and minimize them to the tray or desktop top. You can configure the color, transparency, and size of the clock right out of the box. Also, Time Zone Master has an easy-to-use 3D globe which you can use to make the time of an area more accurate.
1) Can create, move, resize, and minimize multiple desktop clocks at the same time
2) Configure the clock by its color, transparency, size and type
3) Configure other clocks by location
4) Use the globe to correct time zone placement
5) Use the time zone list to change time zone settings
6) View time zone info// Copyright 2015 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build linux

package fsnotify

import (


type fdPoller struct {
fd int // File descriptor (as returned by the inotify_init() syscall)
epfd int // Epoll file descriptor
pipe [2]int // Pipe for waking up

func emptyPoller(fd int) *fdPoller {
poller := new(fdPoller)
poller.fd = fd
poller.epfd = -1
poller.pipe[0] = -1
poller.pipe[1] = -1
return poller

// Create a new inotify poller.
// This creates an inotify handler, and an epoll handler.
func newFdPoller(fd int) (*fdPoller, error) {
var errno error
poller := emptyPoller(fd)
defer func() {
if errno!= nil {
poller.fd = fd

// Create epoll fd
poller.epfd, errno = unix.EpollCreate1(

What’s New in the Time Zone Master?

Time Zone Master is a desktop clock application that allows you to set up and manage multiple clocks on your Windows 7 and Windows Vista-based desktop. It’s easy to use, and straightforward in terms of operation.

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It appears that you already have a version of this app installed on your computer. To download and install Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista (unregistered), we highly recommend that you download and install the software through the Windows Store.

Once you have Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista, you may want to get the free time zone selection list. The free version of the Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista comes with a list of 36 different time zones, providing an overview of the different locations in the world.

You can also obtain the Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista desktop clock icon, which brings up the Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista application. The desktop clock icon appears when the Time Zone Master for Windows 7 & Vista is open.

If you continue to experience problems, we recommend that you use the Windows Store to reinstall the application.Tag: Halesite

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System Requirements:

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2 GB available storage space
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